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Fossil-fuel based electricity production causes more damage to the environment than any other single human activity. Solar power is cleaner, quieter and more sustainable. But is it affordable? SolaRover offers a compelling case against diesel when you consider the long-term costs: the capital expenditure for a SolaRover™ Mobile Solar Power System remains fixed, while ongoing incremental costs for the fuel and maintenance required by fossil fuel powered mechanical generators continue to accrue.

SolaRover delivers...

Noiseless, fumeless, no emissions, zero maintenance* — the ideal Mobile Solar Power System to meet your needs. Every system is custom configured with selected options, in addition to the standard features.

SolaRover™ Mobile Solar Power System (MSPS) Models

Mojave 2

  • Noiseless, fumeless, no emissions, zero maintenance*
  • 2.5 kW Solar Panel Array
  • 31 kWH Battery Storage
  • 2 MPPT Inverters capable of outputting 7.2 kW of pure sine wave power
  • 24-foot trailer; approximate weight 5800 lbs
  • Standard tow hitch; no special permits required
  • Certified components; with manufacturers warranties

Sonora 2

  • Designed for customers with large power requirements
  • The Sonora 2 delivers nearly double the output power of the Mojave 2 model
  • Noiseless, fumeless, no emissions, zero maintenance*
  • Efficient battery storage
  • Similar footprint to the Mojave 2 model
  • No special permits required
  • Certified components, with manufacturers warranties
*Batteries require that the fluid be checked on a regular basis.

Download the SolaRover features/benefits brochure (PDF).

Generator SolaRover™ Gas/Diesel
Reliability green-arrow green-arrow
Durability green-arrow green-arrow
Noise green-arrow red-arrow
Fumes/Odor green-arrow red-arrow
Health and Safety green-arrow red-arrow
Maintenance green-arrow red-arrow
Environment green-arrow red-arrow
IEC and UL Certified Components

Customization Options

Ask us for whatever special features the job demands — our ingenuity is up to the challenge. Current options include but are not limited to:

  • Propane backup system
  • Security cam, flood lights
  • Secure storage for electronic equipment and tools
  • Workcenter with desk, outlets and canopy


SolaRover™ Mobile Solar Power Systems can be configured to meet specific needs for:

  • Agriculture and Farming
  • Construction
  • Drilling, Mining, Pumping
  • Entertainment and Events
  • Emergency Services
  • Disaster Relief
  • Classrooms or Offices
  • Research Facilities
  • Command Centers




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