Solar Farms


Solar Farm

In Ontario, the Minister of Energy and Infrastructure issued a directive to the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) indicating that the OPA is not to enter into contracts for ground-mounted solar PV projects greater than 100 kilowatts (kW) on lands with:

  • Canada Land Inventory (CLI) class 1 soils
  • CLI class 2 soils
  • Specialty Crop Areas within the meaning of the 2005 Provincial Policy Statement (PPS)

To confirm the classification of your proposed site, please reference the maps at this location: Land Inventory Maps
If your land is not brown in colour (maps located near bottom of page), then you can't put more than a 100kW system on your land... must be class 4-7 land. If you have class 4-7 land, your next step is to contact Hydro One (or your Local Distribution Company) to see if they have capacity to support your system.


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