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20 Year Guaranteed Income

The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) offers 20 year contracts for the purchase of power from Solar PV systems. Once you have received a contract (or contract offer), the rate never changes for the 20 year period of the contract. Here is a table of the rates paid, by location (ground or rooftop) and by system size: Feed-in Tariff Rates


Feed-in Tariff:

A new meter is installed as part of your system. The electricity you produce is metered and you are paid for it, before any power is used by you. If you have an existing service at that site, there are no changes to your existing usage, you are still metered for all electricity used and receive a bill as usual.


10kW Flat Rooftop10kW Rooftop

The OPA changes the tariff rate every year, starting January 1st.



See the Ontario Feed-In Tariff Rates: Feed-In Tariff

Verify your land classification: Land Inventory Maps


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